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Tr-06 Drumatix

Tr-06 Drumatix

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A new take on an old favourite. Meet the Boutique TR-06 Rhythm Composer. This is the latest and greatest addition to the iconic range that is here to please everyone. Thanks to it s luring aesthetic appeal and iconic tone, it ll be sure to satisfy any purist. The addition of innovative sequencing possibilities, and various sound shaping options, serve to suit the ever-changing needs of contemporary producers, making it an indispensable tool. From studio to stage. The TR-06 excels in any task that comes its way. Its compact size allows the drum machine to effortlessly integrate into your rig, with minimal effort required. You ll be free to use this absolutely anywhere. Connection is as simple as plugging in to your computer to take advantage of USB power, or popping in four AA batteries. The inclusion of on-board processing also allows you to twist and mangle your sound beyond belief. Up your rhythm game today!

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