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Tr-66 225/40zr19 225/40r19 93w Xl As A/S High Performance Tire

Tr-66 225/40zr19 225/40r19 93w Xl As A/S High Performance Tire

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TBB TR-66The TBB TR-66 is a performance and high-performance all-season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles and SUVs. Thanks to its excellent compound materials, the tire is a great year-round performer that can maintain rubber flexibility in versatile weather conditions. The asymmetric tread design manages to maintain constant road contact at all times, enhancing the overall performance. The wide grooves disperse water and slush away from the footprint, ensuring a clean footprint while preventing the risk of hydroplaning. The TR-66s asymmetric tread and stronger construction provide a secure high-speed performing capability while effectively reducing road noise.FeaturesAll-Season Tire The asymmetric tread design and the durable compound materials ensure the tire maintains great traction on dry, wet, and snow-covered roads. - Handling The ideal tread design manages to closely follow the road surface, vastly improving the steering responsiveness and driving stability. - High-Performance The strengthened construction and the asymmetric tread design provide excellent performance even at high speeds. - Cornering Ability The shoulder tread blocks provide an extra grip on the road surface, improving the cornering capability during the performance. - Braking Ability The tread utilizes its ideal siping detail to create friction between the tire and the road surface, shortening the braking distance. - Hydroplaning The tires wide circumferential grooves channel the water and slush away from the footprint, maintaining constant road contact.

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