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Trac 813sap Universal Adapter Plate

Trac 813sap Universal Adapter Plate

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Universal Adapter Plate adapts any circular saw to work with the True Trac Rails. True Trac, the maker of track saw accessories and kits, doesn t just make an edge guide, but a track saw kit. An edge guide and a track for a track saw have 3 major differences. There is no need to calculate the blade offset on a track saw setup. Simply use the edge of the track as your scribe line. There is no splintering, tear out or cut out with a True Trac track saw kit. Anti chip strips provide three unique features. They prevent chip out on both sides of the cut. Secondly, the anti slip material built into the anti chip strips holds the track in position preventing wandering, etc. Lastly, your saw is locked onto the track, there is no drift or wandering of the saw, no flexing, etc, that you ll find with an edge guide setup. The bevel and square key way on a True Trac track saw kit guarantees a rock solid match between the saw and the track.The True Trac track saw kit will work on all sizes of material and with any circular saw. Most folks think only of breaking down sheet goods, which this saw kit will excel at, but it does so much more. Ripping or cross cutting dimension lumber easily and accurately is easy as can be. So is cutting a taper without a jig or a straight edge on a rough cut or bowed board. Ripping hardwood flooring or trimming a door at the job site also becomes a manageable task, practically easy. True Trac equipped circular saws also work well when cutting solid counter tops., black friday, cyber monday, gift idea

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