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Trac Chief 5.70/00r12 Tire

Trac Chief 5.70/00r12 Tire

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The Trac Chief is an industrial tire specially designed for drivers who are looking for strong off-road service and superior durability. Ideal for skid steer loads, compact tractors, aerial platform lifts, rough terrain forklifts, and backhoes, the Trac Chief is the perfect tire to use when working with heavy equipment. It features a reinforced sidewall which give it optimum service life. To further enhance this is the built-in rim guard which protects the tire against lateral hazards and debris. The unique lug design gives you the traction you need to go through challenging terrain without losing stability. And because the Trac Chief is resistant to cracks, stone cuts, and ruptures, you don t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of performing your task. Despite its aggressive looks, the Trac Chief is easy to control as evident in its tread structure. It s not exhausting to drive in knowing it ll take you in the direction that you need to.

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