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Tradition Shuffle Table Mh1, Array

Tradition Shuffle Table Mh1, Array

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With the playful Shuffle Side Table, you decide the shape and height with its rearrangeable stacking function, allowing you to change its look according to your whims. The table s lacquered wooden components—which provide endless variations—were inspired by a stacking clown toy from Norwegian designer Mia Hamborg s childhood. The Shuffle Side Table was one of the first designs produced by &Tradition, a Danish home company founded in 2010. The table components are made from a mixture of glossy lacquered MDF and solid oak, with a center rod made from oak. Assembly is required (and that s the fun part!). Please note that the components are loose on the center rod and the stability of the table is dependent on how it s assembled. The Shuffle Side Table s top surface measures 18diam. and the maximum height (when all of the components are in use) is 27. Assembling the table in various heights gives it multiple uses around your home: a side table to a couch, a bedside table, a cocktail table for a low lounge chair and more. To clean, dust with a soft cloth or wet cloth with lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Dry immediately. Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents.

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