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Trail Explorer 3 Trekking Poles (Burnt Olive)

Trail Explorer 3 Trekking Poles (Burnt Olive)

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With durable aluminum shafts, easy-to-use external locks, and ergonomic rubber grips, s Trail Explorer 3 trekking poles are perfect for entry level and cost-conscious hikers and backpackers looking for reliable performance. Three telescoping sections are constructed of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum, and the external lever locks secure the poles at your desired length. These external locks, known as s FlickLocks, are ideal for use in all conditions and seasons. Even if you re wearing gloves, it s a cinch to open the lock with a flip of your finger, slide the pole section to the required length and tap the lock back into place. Once you ve used FlickLocks, you ll wonder why anyone would ever want to wrestle with temperamental internal mechanisms.Rubber grips with provide contoured, comfortable handholds. Adjustable webbing straps help to reduce stress on your wrists.

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