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Trail Golf Cart Tire | Size 22 X 10 - 10

Trail Golf Cart Tire | Size 22 X 10 - 10

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Light weight all purpose tread Excellent for street, dirt or turf use Smooth ride Quiet operation Tire sizes 20x10-10, 22x10-10, 23x10-12, 25x10-12 and 23x10-14 are 4 ply construction Tire size 23x11-10 is 6 ply construction DOT approved for street use This golf cart tire is speed rated J for speeds up to 62 mph Note: Wheel sold separately. Available in the following golf cart tire sizes: 20x10-10, 22x10-10, 23x11-10, 23x10-12, 25x10-12 and 23x10-14

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