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Trailer Hitch Stand With Natural Tan Chairs Combo

Trailer Hitch Stand With Natural Tan Chairs Combo

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When you back up the truck and set up the Trailer Hitch Hanging Chair Stand with Chairs with Wooden Dowels to watch your kid s soccer game, you can be sure that you ll be too relaxed and pleasant to be one of those parents who starts screaming at their kid. This simple and rugged system starts with a three-piece stand that attaches to any standard, 2-inch hitch. The stand is crafted from powder-coated aluminum for a rust-free, outdoor life, while the pair of hanging chairs each feature all-weather fabric bodies with hardwood dowels. The chairs are offered in your choice of colors, and each chair features armrests, footrests and an integrated pillow headrest. About products, now brought to you by King s Pond, are designed to provide a comfortable getaway from all of life s stresses. It all started with the Original Hammock Chair, but the wide variety of luxurious chairs is constantly growing in order to give you the perfect fit. You can also put your mind at ease, as well as your body, knowing that has gone green by using renewable materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes committed to recycling and energy conservation.

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