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Trailer Tailgate/ Ramp Lift Assist

Trailer Tailgate/ Ramp Lift Assist

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If you ve ever dropped a 4 -6 tailgate/ramp in mid-lift, you know how startling, and potentially dangerous, it can be. The Gorilla-Lift uses a patented counterbalance technology to make tailgates/ramps virtually weightless during use. Using only one hand, it s nearly effortless to raise or lower, the now nearly as light as a feather tailgate/ramp. When you release the tailgate/ramp, in either the upward or downward direction, it ll maintain position in almost any position. This will protect people and property from the force of a slamming tailgate/ramp. The Safer Way to Go Whether you are concerned with bodily or property damage, the Gorilla-Lift is the solution. The lift eliminates the strain lifting or lowering up to 300 lbs. can have on your back. This reduces the risk of personal injury to you, your family, or your employees. It also has a fully enclosed housing over the lifting mechanism, preventing hands and fingers from getting in harm s way. The lift also stops the tailgate from slamming on to the concrete, pavement or expensive tools and equipment, saving you money in having to repair or replace the item. Convenient and safe, Gorilla-Lift has thought of it all. Powder-coated steel construction Raise or lower trailer tailgates with almost no effort Adjusts for different sizes and weights of tailgates Lighter tailgates will not pop up off the ground and heavier tailgates will not fall to ground Lifting system is fully enclosed for safety Attaches to your trailer quickly and easily Each measures 2 inch x 2 inch x 72 inchl. 300-lb. weight capacity Loading just got easier! Order today! Gender: unisex. Age Group: adult.

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