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Trainer - Roller Skater Aids To Learn Skating Independently, Skating Protective Gear For Boys And Girls To Avoid Falls & Injuries, With

Trainer - Roller Skater Aids To Learn Skating Independently, Skating Protective Gear For Boys And Girls To Avoid Falls & Injuries, With

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WONDERFUL GIFT IDEAS : New for 2022! Increasingly popular by teens, the skate trainer is more creative and makes it easy to learn to roller skate, which is a woderful gift for kids. Suitable for roller skating / birthday / Christmas / party / reward gifts. A TRUSTWORTHY ASSISTANT : When you first start to learn to skate, you might be afraid of falling down with nobody supporting you. Similarly, children are afraid of falling and hurting their hands and feet while skating. Toddler roller skate trainer is such a trustworthy assistant, which allows children to leave the wall while supporting and stabilizing their body to help them learn roller skating better by theirselves. EFFECTIVE TOOL & GREAT PARTNER : For beginner, the skating trainer is perfect match for roller skates or roller skating gear for senior, which is relatively stable and not easy to roll over with 4 legs. It s reassuring that the all-round free and flexible wheels run smoothly and steadily while moving forward in sync with the wheels of your roller skates. Users can keep their body balance by grabbing the handrails. FOCUS ON QUALITY : The skater aid for kids are made of superior materials of high carben alloy steel. After thickering steel pipe,the thickness of the steel pipe is up to 1.2mm(steel pipe diameter is 26mm) , which is stable and durable completely. The bearing capacity of the roller skate trainer is 220 lbs. It is strong enough for your adorable kids to use it all the time. EASY TO ASSEMBLE : The assembly design of the skating protective gear kid is simple and convenient.The spring card has been designed to line up with the hole, once positioned, it is easy to install smoothly and it takes about five minutes to assemble the parts together( NO TOOLS REQUIRED). Anyone can assemble it effortlessly. AVAILABLE IN TWO COLORS AND SIZES : Skate trainers for skateboard wheels of different heights and colors can be selected according to children s age group and preferences. 3-7 years old is suitable for roller skating assistants with a height of 27 inches and 8-14 years old is for 31 inches. The colors of skate guards are also bright for boys and girls, including blue and pink. Plays an important role Skater aid plays an important role in self-study roller skating, such as saving a lot of falls, improving learning ability and efficiency, and increasing learning interest. It likes a stepping stone on our way to learn roller skating without other s help. Time Free With the help of skate protective gears, childrens confidence in learning has skyrocketed. If parents have free-time limitations, in order to guide kids learn how to roller skate, it is a great alternative. Detailed specifications Material : The thickness of the steel pipe is up to 1.2mm. It can effectively buffer the collision. Bearing capacity: 220lbs Color: Blue & pink Circle diameter: 24 inches (Diameter of the circumscribed circle of the 4 legs) Small size dimension: Height: 28 inches Weight: 8.8lbs Suitable age group: 3-7years Large size dimension: Height: 31 inches Weight: 9.9lbs Suitable age group: 8-14years Tips It is recommended that you can test the height of the product suitable for the user at home before buying. For enjoying yourself, you are suggested to use it with skate helmet, knee pads and elbow pads set, roller skate toe guards for your safety.

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