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Tranquilo Electric Bath Lift, Padded Swivel Seat

Tranquilo Electric Bath Lift, Padded Swivel Seat

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For mobility challenged individuals, accessing the tub can be awkward, painful and often times dangerous. The Tranquilo is the perfect companion to help users enjoy the pleasure of bathing again without worry or danger. The Tranquilo premium electric bath lift is the only bath lift to feature the SafeSwivel integrated rotating padded seat system. This patented feature makes the Tranquilo the safest and most easy to use bath lift available anywhere. Old style bath lifts with standard seat bases require the users to rotate their entire body 90 degrees to swing their legs into the tub. Many users simply do not have the physical strength or coordination to safely and effectively do this. This difficult rotating process can also lead to slips and falls which are especially dangerous in a wet environment. In addition, skin tears and other traumatic skin injuries often occur because of the shear forces that are experienced during the rotating action. The Tranquilo eliminates all of these problems thanks to the unique, padded, SafeSwivel rotating base that can be turned with virtually zero effort. Bath lift access and exit becomes safe, simple, dignified and comfortable. Once positioned properly, the user can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. The smooth, quiet electric operation helps immerse the bather into the soothing warm water without fear or worry. An electric recline feature can also be activated allowing the bather to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing position when compared to old style upright backrests. Integrated seat flaps that automatically bridge the seat and tub ledge add to the overall safety of the device. The high-strength, all-composite frame and base will never rust. A six suction cup configuration helps affix the lift to the bottom of tub much more securely than old style 4 suction cup set ups. An 400 lb. lifting capacity means that even the heaviest of users can enjoy proper bathing again.

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