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Transfer Tank,L-Shape,75 Gal. Weather Guard 352-5-01

Transfer Tank,L-Shape,75 Gal. Weather Guard 352-5-01

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This unit measures 26-inches (H) by 30-inches (W) by 43-inches (L) and stores up to 75 gallons of fuel. Its L-shaped tank fits inside full and short-bed trucks. In either case, it provides enough additional space for other storage boxes, including side boxes and saddle boxes. The transfer tank features baffles on the inside that keep your fuel under control while you drive. It also comes with a vented cap. This cap relieves stress from the internal compartment and allows you to safely fill your tank to its maximum capacity. An ARMOR-TUF coating covers the entire surface of the Weather Guard medium transfer tank and shields against rain and snow.

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