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Transfer V2 2-Bike Hitch Rack Black 2 In

Transfer V2 2-Bike Hitch Rack Black 2 In

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Kuat produces some of the more innovative hitch racks on the market, and the Transfer v2 might actually trump them all. It isn t the burliest or most impressive looking, but this U-shaped paragon of simplicity will safely and securely hold two bikes, ranging from 18wheel versions through high volume 29er set-ups and fat bikes with 5tires. The system allows you to change the angle of the curved wheel carriers to adjust for bar/saddle height issues, and really should become the standard for racks of this style. With this feature and many more, Kuat has still managed to deliver a superlative rack under $300. The Transfer v2 2/ 2- bike is more solid than ever. From the steel construction of the original to a new FLATLOCK hitch cam for enhanced stability in tow. Plus, a semi-integrated cable lock for an upgrade in security. The best part? The new Transfer v2 has the modular configurations available so you get a multi-rider rack at an everyone-friendly price.

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