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Transforce Ht2 Lt235/85r16 002759 Tire

Transforce Ht2 Lt235/85r16 002759 Tire

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is the only tire manufacturer in the world who participated in all the Indy Car racings (USA version of the Formula 1). The Company was created at the beginning of the 20th century by one of the visionary characters in the tire business, Harvey , in Akron, Ohio, the rubber city. During three quarters of a century, is, next to Goodyear, the biggest tire supplier in USA and the first constructer who ever signed an exclusive contract with Ford to deliver original equipment for its cars. In 1988 the company that had already won a strong reputation on the other side of the Atlantic, merges with the Japanese giant, Bridgestone. After the buying over, tires kept on making themselves noticed and distinguished from the other brands by their futuristic structure. Invented to fit all kind of vehicle, a tire is particularly conceived to stick to the road. On wet pavement these tires have a unique performance, due to their innovative system looking like a labyrinth, out of which, only water finds its way.

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