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Trap 50 Lb Canplas Endura 25 Gpm 2" Inlet Low Profile

Trap 50 Lb Canplas Endura 25 Gpm 2" Inlet Low Profile

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The 25 GPM Low Profile Endura Grease Trap from Canplas was designed and built to last. The purpose of grease traps is to allow separation of solids and grease, to contain them in a holding facility and to prevent these harmful wastes from entering the main sewer system or septic tank. Based on the same dimensional footprint as our successful 35 GPM and 50 GPM Endura models, this latest 25 GPM addition has an overall height of just 11 inches and still meets the requirements of ASME112.14.3. More importantly however the internal components can be removed in less than 6 inch of additional making this unit a truly low profile solution. The grease trap is able to withstand continuous operation at temperatures of up to 220F. The low profile grease interceptor is placed on the floor, and placement should allow the cover to be easily removed for cleaning. The grease trap also features a reinforced polypropylene cover.

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