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Trash Can With Sensor Lid, 12-Liter - Rose Gold

Trash Can With Sensor Lid, 12-Liter - Rose Gold

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Upgrade your waste disposal receptacle with the sleek convenience of a motion-activated trash can from Hanover. The 12-liter size is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and other small spaces. A smudge-proof finish keeps the can looking shiny and new no matter what. You don t even have to worry about touching the bin and potentially spreading germs with the sensor-activated open and close lid. With the motion of a hand, the lid opens just long enough for you to throw away trash and closes 5 seconds after. A stay open mode is also able to be engaged when needed. There s nothing worse than your trash bag falling into the pail, so this model features an inner pail that keeps the bag in place. Trash removal is an unavoidable facet of life, so make it easier with all the convenient features of a Hanover trash can.

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