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Travel Wrap And Blanket, Eco Friendly Accessories For Women, Made In

Travel Wrap And Blanket, Eco Friendly Accessories For Women, Made In

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The Happyluxe Wayfarer Wrap is a fashionable and versatile wrap, scarf, shawl, pashmina, neck scarf, travel blanket, cover-up, airplane blanket, and so much more. Our multifunctional wrap blanket has you covered in any cool setting, whether you are enjoying an outdoor event on a brisk evening, spending some time out on the town on a chilly night with friends or family, or traveling in a cold car, boat, or airplane. Our soft blanket wrap is equipped with a built-in hidden pocket, which contains an air-activated neck warmer, sure to help you stay toasty all through the night. This amazing fabric is machine washable, does not shrink or pull out of shape, and is lightweight, smooth, and soft. Measuring 72 x 35 inches, the wayfarer wrap is big enough to keep you warm and use as a travel blanket, yet small enough to fold into a compact and nearly weightless bundle. Plus, choose from a variety of travel blanket colors and patterns. At Happyluxe, our objective is to make every journey a pleasure, whether far or near. Our products are 100% made in the USA, in Los Angeles, using the lowest-impact materials possible. And if our travelers blanket doesn t live up to your expectations, no need to worry. With Happyluxe, you get first-class comfort for your travel and everyday needs.

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