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Tray 38" X 60" Off-Center Drain

Tray 38" X 60" Off-Center Drain

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Kerdi shower trays Kerdi trays are a sloped (> 2%) substrate board for the direct installation of tiles in floor level showers. It is designed to accommodate schluter Kerdi floor drains For ease of transport and handling, it is composed of two parts that simply interlock together. A waterproofing collar that covers the entire component is included in the set. Where necessary the trays can be cut to size with a utility knife, using the pre-marked cutting grooves on the underside of the tray, taking care to maintain a uniform gradient on all sides. KERDI-SHOWER stands out for its particularly easy and reliable installation. Together with KERDI waterproofing component, this meets the requirements of the German Certificate of National Technical Approval (abP) for Category A waterproofing assemblies. The system components of KERDI-SHOWER are packaged as a set and can easily be combined as required.

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