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Trbx304mgr 4-String Bass Guitar, Mist Green

Trbx304mgr 4-String Bass Guitar, Mist Green

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The TRBX304 from is built for performance with a perfectly balanced, ultra-comfortable solid mahogany body which provides the optimum tonal foundation and a Performance EQ active circuitry for instant access to perfectly dial-in stage ready tones. TRBXs neck design combines a fast, ultra comfortable profile with 5-pc maple/mahogany laminated construction for outstanding stability and excellent tone. YGD designed M3 pickups feature oversized polepieces and ceramic magnets for a clear, powerful tone with incredible definition and depth. The hum cancelling design ensures your performance clean and noise free while the integral thumb rest provides unrivalled playability. TRBX300 models feature s exclusive Perfomance EQ active circuit with five performance tuned full spectrum EQ curves optimized to give instant access to essential sounds along with powerful 2-band master equalization to shape and define your tone. TRBX uses a precision fitted bolt-on neck joint for maximum adjustability and clear, punchy tone. Developed through hundreds of hours of play testing, the refined neck joint shape perfectly balances strength, vibration transfer and upper fret access. A high-mass die-cast bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body for full, rich tone combined with excellent adjustability and road tested durability. 19mm string spacing on the 4-string model offers outstanding playability for technical slap or finger styles.

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