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Tread Base Edition Powersport Navigator

Tread Base Edition Powersport Navigator

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The Tread - Base Edition is a 5.5in Powersport Navigator features the rugged Tread off-road GPS is IPX7 weather-resistant and features a glove-friendly 5.5in touchscreen display also having topographic mapping, private and public land info, forest service roads and trails. The tread app can be used to sync data across your various devices. Direct-to-device BirdsEye Satellite Imagery can be downloaded to Tread without a computer. Easily install on your powersport vehicle with the included powered mount and wiring harness with tube mount. Get spoken turn-by-turn directions if you choose to take Tread with you when you head back to civilization and want on-road navigation. This includes driver alerts for sharp curves, red light/speed cameras and more.

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