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Treeskate Stand Up Skating Swing, Wooden Outdoor Swing

Treeskate Stand Up Skating Swing, Wooden Outdoor Swing

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Skate the air with the original TreeSkate! Unlike the Original s curved deck design, the TreeSkate features a flat, tapered deck that encourages pumping your legs to generate huge amounts of momentum and swing way up into the sky. The hand-crafted design features a standard 31-inch skateboard deck that comes in three eye-popping graphic varieties: the natural wood finish, Undawadda, and Waves. Grip tape ensures your feet stay locked in place at all times and provides the traction necessary to really put weight into your turns. A fun way to get a solid workout in, the TreeSkate requires heavy glute and thigh activation, while maintaining your balance and keeping your body centered between the handles is a great core workout. Everything needed for a fast setup is included, and the universal straps are rated for 6000 lbs and work with all swings, so changing setup or adjusting hanging height takes just seconds. The straps fit around tree branches, jungle gyms, and backyard patios. Locking carabiners ensure the TreeSkate never falls and your kids are always safe.

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