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Trident Z Royal Series 32gb (2 X 16gb) Ddr4 4000 (Pc4 32000) Desktop Memory Model F4-4000c18d-32gtrs

Trident Z Royal Series 32gb (2 X 16gb) Ddr4 4000 (Pc4 32000) Desktop Memory Model F4-4000c18d-32gtrs

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Trident Z Royal is the newest member of the Trident Z family. Featuring a crown jewel design and meticulously crafted to display just the right amount of light refraction, the crystalline light bar scatters RGB colors in a magnificent display of LED lighting. Mirroring the high-class light bar design, polished aluminum heatspreaders of gold or silver colors cool the memory modules in the classic Trident Z tri-fin design. Engineered with 8 controllable RGB zones and tested for reliability, compatibility, and performance across a wide range of motherboards, Trident Z Royal is the ultimate high-performance RGB memory. Patented Radiant Crystalline Light Bar Uniquely designed to disperse and refract light from the 8 RGB LED zones on each module, providing a magnificent lighting display into your PC case. Luxurious Aluminum Heatspreaders Keep memory efficiently cool with solid CNC-cut aluminum heatspreaders, electroplated with a lustrous gold or silver color. Software Lighting Control The Trident Z Royal lighting control software offers over a dozen lighting effects and management of up to 4 lighting profiles, as well as the ability to control each module inpidually or in sync, so you can customize your own color scheme to the fullest extent. Let imagination be your muse. Extreme Overclocking Performance Each Trident Z Royal module is built with hand-screened memory ICs on a custom 10-layer PCB to ensure the best signal integrity for fast overclock performance. Platform Compatibility Regardless of Intel or AMD platforms, each Trident Z Royal memory kit is tested for compatibility and reliability, so you can build a truly customized PC with a wide range of motherboards.

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