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Trig Mips Helmet M Matte Black

Trig Mips Helmet M Matte Black

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An evolutionary step forward to bring new performance style and functionality. The Trig MIPS Helmet from the ultimate companion The Trig MIPS Helmet from the iconic really a helmet jam-packed full of awesome technology.MIPS or Multi-Directional Impact Protection system fully integrated into the helmets design. This a step forward in helmet design. Featuring three main components MIPS made up of an interior foam liner the Low Friction Liner and an elastomeric attachment system between them both. During an angled impact the elastomeric attachment system stretches to allow the foam liner to rotate independently around your head. The overall goal to further reduce rotational forces. The Trig MIPS helmet ULTRA SAFE.The hard shell construction of the Trig MIPS Helmet produces an overall premium-quality product. A rugged outer shell with an EPS foam liner makes for a lightweight comfortable and safe helmet. The Trig MIPS Helmet offers something really special. The Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting allows you to custom-tune airflow instantly with a discrete control button on helmet exterior. This s fastest and easiest temperature-control system built entirely on the premise of wear comfort.s Stack Vent Technology has been fully integrated into the Trig MIPS Helmet. The Stack Vent has been aligned with the centre of the goggles which has shown to keep goggles fog-free improving your overall visibility a tremendous amount. The Trig MIPS an amazing tech-filled helmet that looks both slick and cool. With an abundance of safety features and useful design treats this will be your new favourite helmet.

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