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Trimbar5 8.5 In. Titanium Trimbar Finish/Trim Puller

Trimbar5 8.5 In. Titanium Trimbar Finish/Trim Puller

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Whether used on the job or for a DIY home improvement project, the 8.5-Inch Titanium TrimbarFinish/Trim Puller helps you remove nails and trim. It features an open truss design that reduces the tool s weight and makes it comfortable to use. In fact, the nail puller weighs only 0.34 pounds, making it ideal for men and women who need to manipulate nails or trim with little effort or upper body strength. To ensure it lasts a long time, the tool is constructed of durable, solid titanium. The wide-tip Japenese-style of the trim puller tool lets you remove trim easily while helping reduce any damage to the trim or the baseboards and wall behind it; this is ideal for projects when you must reuse the materials you are removing.

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