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Triumph 19 10.5 , Alloy/Powder (Women's)

Triumph 19 10.5 , Alloy/Powder (Women's)

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This is what dream runs are made of. The Triumph 19 provides dreamy cushioning and lightweight support thanks to PWRRUN+ midsole foam. The foam provides a plush cushion to absorb shock as you land, and it delivers propulsive pop to your take-offs. A durable outsole gives you the grip you need to push to top speeds, and it protects your shoe through heavy mileage. The Triumph 19 features a new engineered mesh that allows more flexibility and breathability than before, making the Triumph supremely cool and comfortable. Plus, the upper is constructed from recycled materials, so you can be light on your feet and light on the planet. An articulated eye-row lacing system lets you comfortably dial in the fit of your shoes without extra hassle. Get after your next run in cloud-like comfort in the Triumph 19.

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