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Tron Arcade With Riser

Tron Arcade With Riser

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Audiences were mesmerized in 1982 by Disney s release of the film Tron, a groundbreaking fusion of live action and computer animation, setting the special effects stage for decades to come. Video game players were equally drawn to the Tron arcade cabinet, widely considered one of the most beautiful designs ever. ARCADE1UP is incredibly proud to produce the Tron home arcade cabinet, among the most requested by hardcore retrogamers. Awarded Coin-Operated Game of the Year by Electronic Games magazine, Tron was revered for its gameplay and gorgeous aesthetic. The ARCADE1UP Tron home arcade cabinet stays true to what made the game such a draw in 1982, right down to its signature inner lit blue joystick. Also included is the marquee game s sequel, Discs of Tron. Color: Black.

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