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Troster Guitar Support (Right Handed)

Troster Guitar Support (Right Handed)

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The Tr?sterrest is the top-of-the-line version of the ErgoPlay guitar rest, and it is not just for tall guitar players! The Tr?ster model was invented by Michael Tr?ster.While the other ErgoPlay models allow for adjustments, the Tr?esterguitar rest has not one, but two adjustable arms. You can adjust the angle and height of both the neck and thigh portion of the support, making it perfect for finding exactly the position you desire. In addition, the suction cups can be moved slightly to make the best possible contact with your guitar.Highlights: Neck and thigh rest adjustments. Adjustable height and angle. 4 adjustable suction cups for ease of attachment. Removable for storing guitar. Great for tall players or others who desire a variety of adjustments. Works with classical guitar, lute, mandolin, bousuki, and similar instruments.

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