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True Color Pla Filament, Small - 10 Pack

True Color Pla Filament, Small - 10 Pack

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Made of highly pure resin, so your final product retains the quality you expect. PLA printed objects offer sharp corners and edges along with a glossy look and feel. Quality tested to help ensure consistency and avoid system down time. Long-duration testing uses a large 3D model 18 - 24 hours of print time to ensure a consistent print job. Every filament color is tested at both high 100 micron and medium 200 micron layer resolutions on all Replicator 3D Printers to verify that the filament will perform every feature that apps offer and will reliably slice and print all types of models. Adheres well to acrylic and to build plate tape for easy setup. PLA filament is designed to resist warping and curling, which allows you to print without a heated build plate. Nontoxic design helps ensure user safety. True colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Warm Gray, Cool Gray, and Black.

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