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Trust Inline Skates , Usa Skate Shop

Trust Inline Skates , Usa Skate Shop

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Trust is a pair of smart inline skates for both beginners and experienced riders. These are all-round skates in a nice design, which can be used for both quick rides indoors or dope skating in an indoor skating rink. The strong aluminum blade strengthens the construction and contributes to a rapid acceleration every time you set off on a ride. Likewise, the outer shell of hard plastic provides support to the foot and gives a solid skate. The inner material is made of textile and soft foam, to provide the best comfort and the most comfortable ride with these quality inline skates. The wheels are of the size 84 mm and with ABEC-7 ball bearings, so you are guaranteed a nice roll with good speed capabilities and fast response when turning. The perfect inline skates for speed and recreational use. Just for you who want to ride the streets far and wide, and make cool maneuvers in the skate park!

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