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Trvl+Pipa Urbn Travel System,Hazelwood

Trvl+Pipa Urbn Travel System,Hazelwood

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The PIPA urbn is the only baseless infant car seat with pipaFIX rigid latch that can install in two seconds and weighs only seven lbs. The TRVL is a super-compact travel stroller with an innovative one-handed self-fold that s only 13.6 lbs. Together they create a lightweight travel system where innovative safety and sleek luxury features that allow you to move baby from the car to the stroller (and back again) with ease. More about the PIPA urbn: this ultra-lightweight infant car seat installs using the advanced pipaFIX rigid latch. The baseless installation feature is integrated into the car seat, allowing for super secure install in seconds. It also features a one-handed, quick release from the stroller and vehicle and s Sky drape for privacy. For safety, it features Aeroflex foam that s lightweight, resilient and minimizes the force transferred to baby, plus side impact protection. The super-compact and lightweight TRVL stroller makes it easy to carry with the armbar when folded, or store away in the included carry bag. Progressive front and rear-wheel suspension technology provides smooth strolls for baby, while the one-handed steering makes it a cinch to maneuver through even the liveliest of city streets. It s designed to effortlessly connect with the PIPA urbn with just a click, making your day-to-day easier.

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