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Ts-0203-1261 Kompact Shortie - Plumb Back

Ts-0203-1261 Kompact Shortie - Plumb Back

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Like all blow off valves the new Kompact Shorties have been machined in-house from solid billet aluminium. Keeping the process in-house ensures only the best quality and none of the cracking or leaking that plague the factory plastic valves. Like their predecessors theyve been engineered with a light-weight brass/aluminium two-piece piston. Carefully engineered springs make these the most responsive valves of their kind. The Kompact Shortie fits a huge range of turbos and their tiny dimensions make them a breeze to fit. To make things even easier Shorties are supplied with both a swivel banjonipple and a straight nipple meaning you can tailor the valve to better suit your application. Larger o-rings have been fitted in the base to aid ease of installation C another modification made after talking to our authorized dealers and installers. Small design means Shortie is easy to install. All billet construction and well-designed internals mean it will hold as much boost as you want to throw at it for as long as you need it to. The Plumb Back version is as quiet as a factory valve or if youre looking to make a little noise the Dual Port versions superior flow characteristics will safely provide that BOV sound youre looking for. The new twin fixed ports flow more than ever before. You just cant lose with s Shortie.

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