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Ts-90b Telelock Tripod Speaker Stand Pair

Ts-90b Telelock Tripod Speaker Stand Pair

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The TeleLock Series speaker stands from are extraordinarily strong yet lightweight due to their oversized, heavy-wall aluminum tubing. They re everything you d expect from an speaker stand: they re strong, sturdy, lightweight, 100% field serviceable, and easy to set up and take down. Moreover, thanks to auto-locking technology that securely grips the telescoping tube in place as you set its height, the TeleLock collar gives the user the ability to safely raise or lower the speaker stand while a speaker is on it. Patented TeleLock collar: The TS-90 is one of the easiest speaker stands to use thanks to its patented TeleLock collar. Set the TeleLock collar to either the raiseor lowersetting and the auto-locking technology provides just the right amount of resistance to allow you to raise or lower the speaker while locking the tube in place. Patented tripod design: The TS-90 speaker stand s offset, tripod base design provides more support than typical off-the-shelfspeaker stands. The design makes for very tight internal fittings, doing away with unnecessary sloppy leg problems, and includes a super-strong, die-cast metal collar that prevents over tightening and breakage issues often associated with plastic designs. Oversized, heavy-wall aluminum tubing: The entire speaker stand (legs, mast and telescoping tube) uses oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality and weight savings. The TS-90 will not rust or corrode (thanks to its architectural, anodized finish), is very smooth to operate, and is extraordinarily strong yet lightweight. 100% field-serviceable parts: From the foot caps on the bottom of the tripod legs all the way up to the speaker adapter at the top of the stand, the TS-90 speaker stand is field-serviceable as needed by the part over its very long lifespan. In the unlikely event that something does break on the speaker stand, instead of throwing the entire stand away and buying a whole new one, simply replace the broken part with the appropriate, affordable part to retain the value of your TS-90.

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