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Ts8111 - Sound Bar

Ts8111 - Sound Bar

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Freed from sound lines, individual sounds are precisely placed in space and can move around you, including overhead and on the floor, immersing you in every story and song. Whether it s an intimate dialogue or a complex soundscape, every detail comes alive with rich clarity and depth so you don t miss a thing. Raise the volume of your emotions with audio so rich, so immersive, and so pure that you feel a stronger connection to the characters and the music. Power matters when you want to be immersed. Maximum audio power is what makes the audio experience immersive. You can feel explosions, hear the roar of the helicopter flying by, and the battle scenes are so intense. But the maximum audio power is also important for reproducing the dynamics in the music, it provides that momentary intensity that makes the experience seem like a live performance. The built-in subwoofer delivers great bass performance while saving space, ideal for smaller rooms or if you prefer a clean interior. Thanks to the dedicated components and assigned acoustic space, you ll be surprised by the great bass performance. With Bluetooth support, it s incredibly easy to turn your soundbar into a powerful music system. Let your music fill the living room and share the enjoyment with your friends or family.

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